Skills section in CV

It is worth knowing that most skills which are key on the job market belong to three categories.
The categories are the following:

How to translate it into a CV language? Let’s analyze each of the categories above.

1 Universal skills
„They are often the most difficult for candiates to catalogue and list, mainly because they seem obvious to us and we do not think that they may be important to our potential employer. In fact, however, due to their universality they may predispose us to hold many job positions” – says Rick Stanley, international job vacancies website expert.
Below are some of the skills that belong to this category:

2 Specialist skills
If you apply for a job position in the same industry that you are currently working in, these skills need to be highlighted more. It is because specialist skills stand for qualifications that are strictly connected with a given profession, e.g. programming (in IT), keeping accounting records (in accounting) or extending electrical installations (in architecture). If you apply for a job in a related industry, you need to consider how to present these skills. Some of them, even though they sound specialist, may have a universal value. After all, the ability to do a specific thing may show the overall capacity. Some of these skills, however, may be totally useless to an employer.

3 Soft skills
„These skills should be included both in a cv and in a cover letter. What is meant by soft skills is list of traits that reflect your personality. Thus, it is worth considering carefully what makes you a good employee.” – advises an employment expert.
Among the most frequently mentioned are the following:

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